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Postby Deskye » Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:31 pm

YOP is a raid alliance on the Mistmoore Server. You do not need to be a member of Ye Olde Pub guild to raid with YOP Alliance. YOP raids on Sundays & Wednesday’s from approx. 7PM-9:30PM PST. If you are interest in joining please read the rules, fill out the application and create your characters on the ESS.

-must be 90
-no gear under 80
-Ye Olde Pub members will have priority on a seat
-resist gear: must have 2 pieces for each resist

-mains first
-then alts for a 10 point minimum bid (alt must be declared and posted on the roster)
-then sell (plat will be divided at the end of the raid)
-then mute (manas will be bid on at the end of raid)

Point system:
-2 points for first time kills
-1 point there after
-a decay system will be implemented at a later date
-extra points will be given for Short-handed and Flawless Victories

-2 raid minimum in recruit status
-points will be earned starting with first raid
-after 2-4 raids (depending on performance) a decision will be made
-an alt may be declared when accepted as a main
-may bid on loot as an alt while in recruit status

-members must be on roster to be able to attend
-vacant spots will be fill from queue

Issues and concerns that arise will be directed to either Arvashi, Joker, or Deskye
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