Team Red Rules (updated 6-7-10)

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Team Red Rules (updated 6-7-10)

Postby Magicmelter » Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:51 pm

TRUS Council: Magicmelter / Arvashi / Palius
Tools-Support: Debillus / Magicmelter
We Raid: (Mandatory) Every Sunday at 7pm - 10pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).
All: (Optional) Pub raids scheduled throughout the week.
Purpose: End Game Raiding
Method: Apply a Fixed, Restricted and Reliable raid force to gradually grow, learn and master the encounters we meet.

The aim of this team is to kick ass, bottom line. :) Progress may be slow at times but with patience and a good attitude we will be able to defeat a good majority of what SOE throws at us. So read over the rules we have put forth and if you like what you see apply for a position.

Team Red currently consists of 1 chapter - Team Red US a.k.a. TRUS.
  • The TRUS chapter has a maximum of 31 main members.
  • The TRUS chapter is led by a council of 3 members (more council members can be added at any time as needed). The councils decide themselves on who to invite to the council should the need arise.
  • The TRUS chapter functions as an autonomous entity within Team Red and is as such free to take individual decisions on class composition, raid targets, raid times and member related questions such as recruitment and disciplinary actions, as long as they don't conflict with the rules defined in this post.
  • The TRUS chapter has one mandatory and fixed event per week.
    • This is currently every SUNDAY from 7pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time.
Attendance for these events is mandatory for main members of the respective chapters. By definition, "mandatory" in Team Red means "do your best to be there". Obviously our real lives will take priority from time to time which is perfectly acceptable as long as it is the exception rather than the rule.

Requirements for ALL Classes:
  • Level 90 (current highest level possible).
  • Resist Gear
    Have all main types on hand.
  • 200 AA Points
    Dispensation from this requirement may be given to applicants that can argue the fact that whatever AA points still not earned wouldn't benefit their role on the class even if earned. Dispensation can’t be given for applicants with less than 180 AA Points.
  • AA Mirror
    Any TR member can be asked to change their AA specs for a certain raid and will be expected to do so. Having an AA-mirror around to restore your normal profile is advised. If you need someone to craft you one, use the Team Red channel (teamred), or ask on ventrilo before or after a raid for assistance.
  • Adept III or higher Spells/Combat Arts
    If a member does not have all Adept III's or higher and the class is needed, the team will aim at funding for upgrades for the member through income from trash loot etc.
    If there are spells or abilities you feel do not need to be upgraded, please discuss it with the team leader(s) for consideration of exception.
  • Knowledge of your class
    We expect you to have played your character a lot and to have a fine tuned sense of what it is that makes your character outstanding in a group or raid effort. Newly acquired e-bay purchased characters are not allowed on team red. 
  • Chat Channels
    All members must join the team chat channel called teamred. Specific channels have additionally been set up for other thing such as raid parse etc. Join the ones that are relevant for your needs.
  • On Chatting/Joking Around
    It’s of course fine to wisecrack and have a good time while we play (it’s a game after all). But please try not to monopolize the Vent channel for too long at any one time. Funny stories are great, but keep them short as to keep the raid moving along.
  • Set up macros / don't spam unnecessarily
    Any class’s that have a significant temporary buff such as Death March, Precision of the Maestro, Blade Chime, Divine Recovery, Jesters Cap, Bolster, Fanaticism etc. should seek to use these spells as often as possible in coordination with other players able to gain from their effects.
    Using the right channels of communication in these situations is key to avoid important information being lost in combat spam or becoming spam themselves by hitting players for whom they are irrelevant.

    Example : Necromancer & Troubador.
    • Necromancer : /tell Troubador I'm Ready to LIFEBURN .. Jester me please.
    • Troubador : /raid Jesters Cap on - Necromancer -
    • Necromancer : /raid LIFE BURN INC in 5 .. HEAL ME -
    Nobody but the Troubador needs to know that the Necro wants a Jester, but others might find it interesting to know that Jesters is no longer available.

    Example : Brigand and DPS
    • Brigand : /say !! Dispatched for 17 seconds !!
    This goes on a lot during a fight so no need to clutter /raid up with that. No need for dialog either as all DPS classes should know to throw their big stuff at that moment.

    Example : Defiler and DPS class in group
    • Defiler : /gsay !! RoA Spell/CA Haste on - Swashbuckler - for 33 seconds .. Go Nuts !!
    RoA being a group member buff only is of no concern to anybody else, so keep stuff like this to group chat.

    As a member of the team you should seek to educate yourself to maximize the utility you provide for others and what others provide for you. A good place to start is the Team Red class specific strategy forums
  • Potions and Items
    Items People should be prepared to bring:
    Signets, Cure Potions, Healing potions, Power potions and so on to all raids.
  • Proper attitude
    People like to joke around and have fun but there is a time for that... during AFK breaks or before/after raid. Although we do encourage having a friendly family atmosphere on the team, we -DO- expect to you give it your full effort whenever you sign up for a raid. Bring your A-Game (full effort) when you come to a raid and then we can party after the zone is clear.
  • Stability
    We want to progress, succeed and excel in what we are doing. This can only be achieved if we can count on your stability. We need to be able to know to a significant degree of certainty that you will actually be available when we need you. Unfortunately history has proven that in order to ensure this on a general level, we need some sort of enforcement system in place. On Team Red we use 3 warnings system.

    You get warnings (flags) for
    • No showing. This includes members assigned to the raid and members in queue. If you are not going to be there you need to cancel!!
    • Leaving early, unless announced at least 30 minutes prior to raid start time, by posting in this forum or directly speaking to the Team leader(s).
    • Ninja AFK'ing excessively.
    • On top of that, you can get a warning from the raid leader if you extend afk's (a lot) or fail to listen to and take directions during a raid repeatedly.
    • Creating Drama. This goes for in-game, in-raid as well as out of game, out of raid. (Forums, Ventrilo, /thepub, etc.) This can also apply to public channels. We expect people to be well behaved at all times as to not make the raid force look bad. There are limits but don't make it excessive.
    • For each warning you get, your account receives one flag.
    • Each two consecutive raids you attend with no warnings clears one flag on your account.
    • On your third warning, you get a 1 month suspension from raid activities, this clears one flag so when you come back you have 2 flags.
    • If you get suspended more than once, and the previous suspension ended less than 3 months ago, you get booted.
    • If you fail to show up, sign up, stay in touch, respond to PMs etc. for over one month, or it is discovered that you have switched server with your main - as well as committed your main in a conflicting manner with another raid force, the leadership can move to kick you off the team without any further warning.
    • If getting suspended seems to be a returning pattern, you can get booted indefinitely.

Raid Positions:
Keep in mind before applying to an open position that you must meet ALL requirements in the above definitions. Please consult this threadfor information on how to apply.

  • All chapter members are expected to sign up for all of their chapters mandatory events being set up. If you know upfront that you cannot attend on a given date, you must still sign up, even if only for cancelling right after that. When cancelling you are expected to either specify why in the comment on your signup or inform one or more of your chapter’s council members of the reason in a Private Message on the forums.
  • Each chapter can also set up one or more additional events at any decided time during the week for which attendance is purely optional. You need only to sign up for these if you actually wish to attend.
  • Aiming for Saturdays the chapters united is aiming to set up another optional event. As with the optional chapter events you should only sign up for these if you wish to attend. Time of these shared events may vary.
  • A Team Red event can never be exclusive to one chapter, but priorities are used to ensure fair and reasonable seat assignments.
  • All players signed up for an event are sorted using several parameters. In order :
    • Class Requirements
      An event may specify that certain classes are required and set a number of "wildcard" seats to be filled. Specific needs override all of the following priorities if requirements are not met and someone meeting those signs up.
    • Priority Flags
      Chapter raids will give a 1.0 priority value to chapter members. Other Priority flags may adjust this value overriding the chapter priority. This could be trigger items, resist demands or similar.
    • Statistical Weight
      The "good behavior" > "bad behavior" value. Depending on your track record going back 90 days, failing to sign up, canceling late, no-showing or only partially participating on an event will give you a penalty, while sitting over (being available) or filling in will give you bonus. Accumulated this statistical weight will prioritize players with good scores over players with bad ones.

      The current values and events being monitored are:
      Event Weight
      Not signing up
      Applies to mandatory events only. -1.0
      Cancelling Late
      After raid exits preview mode, 48 hours before raid. -1.0
      No Showing
      Being either in queue or in signup and not present/available before roll out (start time) -1.5
      Coming Late
      Arriving after start time. If your spot has been filled you will not be able to avoid a No Show flag. -1.0
      Leaving Early
      Leaving the raid before it's called, or AFK'ing when not sanctioned. -1.0
      Meeting up, making yourself available to the forming raid force, but not getting in. +1.0
      Filling In
      Filling an empty/vacated spot after the raid is in progress (not on raid formation) +0.5
      • Weights are adjusted after each event, when the event report is closed.
      • 48 hours before a raid begins, it will exit Preview Mode. Until then, statistical changes may change the order in which seats are assigned.
      • Statistics are counted 90 days back from a given time. What was earned and lost before then will not count.
      • Individual weight groups are used for shared, foreign and local chapter events.
    • Last Raided
      If two players for a seat have the same priority and statistical weight, sorting order will benefit the player that last saw raiding action with the team lower than the one for whom waiting time has been longer.
    • Random Number
      If at this point, players are still at a tie, a /random 1 1000 (with enough decimal points to ensure we never get two equal values) will determine the winner. This random number is assigned at sign up time and will not change for the event in question.

Loot Rules:

Main -vs- Alternates:
  • This is a one character ONLY system.
  • You can only apply with one Character!
  • Team Red is a spearhead effort and not an Alt Twinking Circus. We want the best toon you have to offer that you haven't already committed with elsewhere.
  • This does not mean you cannot join with an alt of yours, but for this raid group the character that you sign up into this group with (Providing they meet requirements) is your main.
  • You cannot two box in this raid group unless the success of the raid requires it and it is approved/requested by the raid leader.
  • If at anytime (due to No Shows or someone being late) we are short a certain class needed to complete the zone, we will pull from the Pub channel to fill in gaps. Pub Pickup's will not earn or spend points but can still win Free-For-All loot.
  • If no one is available, we will open up for Team Member Alts to be brought in.
  • The Team Member providing the needed alt will be given the choice to keep loot rights on his Main character or to transfer it to the Alt.
    • If the main character keeps loot rights, it must be camped or placed as close as possible to allow for speedy loot assignment.
    • If the alt gets loots rights, the alt will NOT be able to bid against main characters, only against other alts.

Raid Leader Positions
Typically the council members will be leading the raids, but any team member can put in a request to their council to lead a specific raid.
In very special circumstances, the council may approve that a character from outside the team be brought in to provide critical strategic advice or skill. The guest raider will only be able to bid on free-for-all loot.

  • On Disagreements – Suggestions are certainly welcome, but the raid leader has the final say. Once the decision is made, further discussion or disagreement should take place after the raid via tell or PM on the boards.
    The raid leader cannot break the rules stated in this rules post however if something is not covered by this rules post then it is the raid leader's responsibility to make a quick decision and make sure it gets added to these rules for the future.

The Reserve Chapter
We also have a Reserve Chapter. The Reserve Chapter is there for applicants for which there were no available seats any of the main chapters and for players that can't commit for the mandatory raids on the level that is required..
  • There are 3 seats per class (72 in total) on the Reserve Chapter. Each main chapter reserves one of those seats exclusively while the third seat is available for any applicant.
  • Members of the Reserve Chapter do not have to follow the attendance requirements set upon the main chapter members. Being in the Reserve Chapter is a chance to get familiar with the team to ensure good standing when a seat is made available.
  • Filling seats on the regular teams will mainly be filled according to the order of joining the Reserve Chapter, but team management reserves the right to take participation and performance on attended raids into account.
  • Reserve Chapter members can choose to stay 'frozen' on the Reserve Roster to indicate that even if a seat opens up, they would like to remain signed up as reserves or to indicate temporary unavailability. Frozen Reserve members will however not be allowed to retain their seat if they are blocking for an active applicant.
  • Reserve Chapter members are fully equal members of the team. The trade off on priority on main chapter raids is evened out with the non mandatory attendance requirement. Reserve Chapter Members are encouraged to participate in debates and discussions on the forums as well as hang around in the ingame channels. Team Red is one Team.
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