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June 15-17 / June 23-24

Postby Debillus » Mon Jun 25, 2007 6:41 am

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The Pub firsts.

It's been two weeks since the last update as real life engagements pushed the game a little aside, but better late than never, especially when you have some good news to report about.

Labs was cleared, much the usual way last weekend. Nothing much to say about that except for noticing that we yet again managed to get some of our newer members some really nice upgrades. Labs keeps pushing out items we haven't seen before too. This run was no exception. We could use a few more people with AoAx4 access, so an expedition went off to AoAx2 to get some updates on that quest, as well as the Claymore. Finally, last weekend had us return to Deathtoll to not only test out a new MT, but also to have us (finally) get our hands on Fitzpitzle's best loot. We got both the Ichor Filled Thorax and Fitzpitzles Hover Platform. 32 PubPoints spent on the contents of one chest is a Pub First.<b></b><i></i>

[thl]aITEM_-1562176612_-593712769_Fitzpitzles_Hover_Platform.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1923523755_1714067113_Ichor_Filled_Thorax.jpg[/thl]

This weekend started off with a Pub First Run to the Freethinkers Hideout. We all went there without any big expectations, as this definately is a step up in difficulty from what we've been doing so far. Nonetheless we managed to kill two of the nameds in there on this first attempt. We only got to try at Treyloth D'Kulvith once. Next time we'll make it to him sooner, now that we know what to expect and what to do on the first two nameds. Loot was sparse, but awesome. Thanks all for a fun run. Sunday we did the first half (Fire & Ice) of the Prismatic Tier V quest line. Mentored. No loot of any significance to write about, but good fun nonetheless.

[trl=http://user.mistmoore.net/debillus/raid/070623_1/zylphax_the_shredder.jpg]Image[/trl] [trl=http://user.mistmoore.net/debillus/raid/070623_1/othysis_muravian.jpg]Image[/trl]

June 15-17
Deathtoll :
[thl]aITEM_-234688598_753369097_Black_Lotus_Breastplate.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1552747794_1948005884_Call_of_Storms__Master_I_.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1822767960_1326877948_Despoil__Master_I_.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1562176612_-593712769_Fitzpitzles_Hover_Platform.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_1923523755_1714067113_Ichor_Filled_Thorax.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1370257527_-460804424_Relic_Plate_Gussets.jpg[/thl]
(click thumbs to zoom)

Ascend of the Awakening x2 :
[thl]aITEM_-1526764196_-1048522475_Plunder__Master_I_.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1569111666_846987709_Axe_of_the_Slashing_Claw.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_853940797_-1704755270_Symbol_of_The_Slashing_Talon.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-640573122_-1451206998_Symbol_of_The_Flapping_Wing.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_1080127352_-926856529_Tonlets_of_the_Flapping_Wing.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_297292821_1256601805_Scimitar_of_the_Slashing_Claw.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-204569158_-576512174_Dagger_of_Icy_Breath.jpg[/thl]
(click thumbs to zoom)

Laboratory of Lord Vyemm :
[thl]aITEM_-218634186_1903078840_Animist_s_Bracers.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1031465264_-563539384_Firebrand_Gauntlets.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1562742860_2064161073_Circlet_of_the_Silver_Skies.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1811280861_609945481_Relic_Silk_Cowl.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_-1748965810_-587157671_Animist_s_Gloves.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_650982216_1892287285_Dracomancer_Pants.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_498587229_22794949_Blackcoat_Armguards.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1226026754_-1942496598_Doomseer_Bracers.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_1625683652_1807931277_Relic_Plate_Gauntlets.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1803145331_320940117_Scepter_of_the_Doom_Sworn.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-960059217_495459703_Band_of_Superiority.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1265457815_1467672984_Silver_Sword_of_Rage.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_-1940318423_-1617770540_Dragonrib_Club.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_995544818_813384011_Relic_Leather_Skullcap.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1506387734_-753939479_Corona__Master_I_.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-616433950_1321738909_Grand_Dracomancer_s_Cap.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_2051607396_1284257371_Sky_Gazer_s_Cap.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1809845170_388592456_Blackcoat_Spaulders.jpg[/thl]
(click thumbs to zoom)

June 23-24
Freethinkers Hideout :
[thl]aITEM_-741302886_76700855_Shoulderpads_of_the_Wicked.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1668005249_2111047409_Leggings_of_Lucidity.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1616103850_1195764828_Gussets_of_Righteousness.jpg[/thl]
(click thumbs to zoom)
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