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The Great Gnomish Stampede

Postby Debillus » Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:40 am

<center>The Great Gnomish Stampede
The 6 Month Anniversary Pub Event

<center>>>> Sign Up now <<<</center><b></b><i></i>

In an e-mail sent to all members, Debillus wrote:Dear Pubster,

The very first Pub event took place on December 30th 2006. Now, six month later, The Pub has grown in size and we are now counting over 200 members. We have succeeded our initial goals of progress and are now moving into the EOF raid zones. This calls for a celebration event with prices to win, glory to claim and a lot of unmitigated fun. Also, this is a great excuse to phunt some gnomes.

All Pubsters of any race, class, level or alcohol tolerance are hereby invited to participate in the Six month anniversary Great Gnomish Stampede.

Saturday, June 30th, 2007 at 5pm UTC (1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific)

In order to participate, you must have a free character slot on your account where you must create a :

* Completely naked, Good aligned, Level 1, Gnome Wizard with Qeynos as starting city.
* Combat Experience must be disabled as soon as you spawn in the Queens Isle.

We will all meet up at the city guild registrar in Qeynos Harbor (near the South Qeynos gates), and form a new temporary guild, from where we will head out to the designated course. The winner will be the first person that makes it to the goal line and hails the for the event appointed GICLH (Gnome In Charge of Logging Hails). The destination course will be revealed once we set out. Ferry ticket expenses will be covered.

The winner will be rewarded with the Grand Prize (an accumulation of coin, spells, rares etc. yet to be fully cataloged, but definately worth competing for). Donations are more than welcome.

To participate, go to The Pub, Event Signup ... ... and register your participation on the "Six month Anniversary run". There is no limit on classes, numbers, levels. All Pub members are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all.
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Postby Joker » Fri Jun 22, 2007 4:30 pm

You are all going down!
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