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Beta - The Shadow Odyssey

Postby Debillus » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:00 am


Quote from EQ2Players :<hr>
I guess we've made everyone sweat long enough!

You don't need to send anymore PM's, emails, IM's, chocolate, flowers, or singing telegrams... Well, we all actually liked the flowers, chocolate, singing telegrams so keep sending those!

We'd like to take the opportunity to invite everyone to apply to the beta program for the EverQuest II expansion: The Shadow Odyssey.

Since today is Talk Like a Pirate Day (yeah, we totally planned it this way) the rest of our message will be brought to you in pirate speak!

Aye, please remember that registration int' the beta program does not guarantee admittance, but only<b></b><i></i> puts ye int' the pool from which players will be randomly selected t' take part in the program. Also please remember that takin' part in our beta program means that ye accept the terms o' our Non-disclosure Agreement; e'erythin' included within the software and on the beta forums is co'ard by that agreement until otherwise stated. No aspect o' the beta program may be discussed on any public message shanty men; only on the pri'ate beta section o' the official E'erquest II forums. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Arrr, in other words, the first rule o' TSO beta, is don't talk about TSO beta, shiver me timbers!

Ahoy, go har t' register and accept the NDA and just remember that breakin' the NDA will result in angry pirate monkeys comin' after ye, argh!

Aye, we'll let ye know in a message carried by parrot if ye'v been accepted, shiver me timbers!

Character Copies

Ahoy, for us t' copy yer fa'orite E'erquest II character t' the beta ser'er, please indicate which character ye want us t' copy by loggin' int' yer play ser'er as yer fa'orite character. Ye indicate that ye want us t' copy an indi'idual character by typin' the command /beta in your chat window. Periodically we will run scripts that will copy characters t' the beta ser'er. Please monitor the Beta message boards for when the character copies will occur. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Ahoy, again, please remember that yer participation in the beta program is subject t' the Terms o' Use, License and Non-disclosure Agreement ("pirate code ") t' which ye must agree fer consideration fer the beta program. Yer access in and t' the beta program, includin' th' patcher, is fer yer personal, non-commercial use only, in accordance with the pirate code, and any booty ye pro'ide is confidential or ye'll walk the plank. Ye scurvy dawgs!

Arrr, thanks for bein' good pirates, argh!

**Fer a translation inter e'eryday speak, click yer mouse 'ere!
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