Saturday, March 8th

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Saturday, March 8th

Postby Debillus » Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:32 am

Emerald Halls - The Return : Part 2/2

Back for the last part of our two chapter event into the Emerald Halls. Target for this evening was cleaning up the 2 nameds left on the second floor and take out the third one, and if possible, Wuoshi.
We did well, up until Wuoshi we actualy had a very very clean run with very few mistakes made. Good intel from some of our seasoned Pubsters, surely made certain of that, and our raid composition was quite good too, at least up until the final kill where we had to stop short for this attempt.

We will spend the time until we do this again, getting the strategy and requiements for Wuoshi 100% down to ensure we don't have to skip the cake, next time in. Count on it.

Again, a few "Pub First" kills, and a bonus point reward for all particpating.


And again, loot was very nice.

[thl]aITEM_-1630658180_1730357307_Cloven_Cameo.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_6411847_-241801009_Chaplain_s_Vambraces_of_Piety.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-171238075_-737028511_Thirneg_s_Cultivation_Volume_2.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-736778880_-977223459_Coif_of_the_Outrider.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1151938138_-565328264_Fae_Wing_Cloak.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-517726113_-1580888735_Vaunt__Master_I_.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_-1048152069_1262291579_Twisted_Mahogany_Staff.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_24961957_-2088560038_Sharpened_Heartwood_Stake.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1151938138_-565328264_Fae_Wing_Cloak.jpg[/thl]
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