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Saturday, March 1st

Postby Debillus » Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:25 pm

Emerald Halls - The Return : Part 1/2

So we went back for our two chapter event into the Emerald Halls. Target for this evening was cleaning up the first floor and get as far into the second as we did last time. That we did and more so. All but two nameds got cleaned up on the second floor, so we have a good head start for next weekends clean up run.
Also this time, we had a "Pub First" kill.


And again, loot was very nice. One auction this night went to 17 points. Impressive.

[thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-1561569965_-1669812574_Veil_Scarf.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_-1141392523_-1779713492_Lorica_Segmentata.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1179968406_-2009176073_Seed_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-769459134_1119028099_Cowl_of_Force.jpg[/thl]
[thl]aITEM_1381180982_1828439730_The_Tender_s_Secrets_Volume_2.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_1308702889_-953760169_Boots_of_Fascination.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_2072420332_1480728782_Bark_of_Growth.jpg[/thl] [thl]aITEM_-2083007031_-775257532_Saturnine_Silk_Ensemble.jpg[/thl]

(click thumbs to zoom)
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