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The Pub - Mistmoore Raiders

Postby Debillus » Sat Dec 23, 2006 2:45 pm

These are the forums of the Mistmoore Raiding Alliance, also known as The Pub.

Any Player or Guild on the Mistmoore server can find a home here.

The Pub is both a regular (casual) raiding force as well as host for several teams with different purposes ranging from lower level HQ quests to Hardcore raiding. Once registered you can read more about the different Pub teams in their separate forums.

The Pub is also the place where you can take your guild and set up Guild events using our easy to use but highly advanced Event Signup System. You can keep your guild events hidden from public view or open them up for other Pub members to join if you are having trouble filling up.

We arrange semi-open raids primarily during the weekends at times that suit both US and Euro based players. We aim to reach players and smaller guilds for whom, putting 4 groups of max level players together alone, is close to impossible. We want to reach the minority of European players and guilds that struggle to find enough people online to get going during euro prime time by establishing connections with US based players that have both the opportunity and the interest in weekend raids during daytime.

But we are not limited as such. Anyone can set up an event here, be it a heritage quest group, a role playing event or a full blown raid, at any given time.

By establishing a platform of fun loving players, with a healthy and mature attitude towards the game, we hope to bring together a solid core of players that can set up events and see them through, enabling us all to experience the high level content of the game, while still keeping a casual feel to it all. Griefers and cheaters (botters, exploiters etc.) will never be welcome on an Alliance raid. We're here to experience the thrill of beating the game fair and square, not by cheating, and most certainly not while having a 13 year old yell d00d speak at us in /raid.

A typical Pub Raid would be scheduled for Saturday and/or Sunday at 1pm EST (10am PST, 6pm GMT). We are currently pushing towards Tier 1 ROK raid zones, but any tier and constellation is fair game.

The Pub is not a guild, and does not have a leader, officers or upper management. We are all here on equal terms. We will, however, agree on a few basic rules of engagement and we will keep a short staff of people to maintain the boards, the Ventrilo server and the activities that involves The Pub.
  1. We are all equal.
    Nobody is a better player because of their gear or their guild. Unless you specifically break one of these basic rules, you will be eligible for membership of The Pub. Accept and respect that we're all different in age, sex, religion, nationality and frame of mind and we should be able to have fun with each other and not on each others expense. Adult language, however, and the occasional mandatory ridiculement of people screwing up, is to be expected. But it should all be with a spark in the eye and a smile on the lips. Drama Queens and Kings raid, group and guild best for themselves.
  2. The Event Leader is King - even if he's king of no mans land.
    Looting policy, class and level requirements, choice of target and strategy is all at the whim of the event leader. If you don't like the style, don't sign up. If you want more people to sign up for your events, change your style. It's that simple.
  3. Don't cheat or grief.
    If you're a botter, platfarmer, ebayer, griefer, troller, drama queen, channelspammer etc. etc. etc. you are not welcome here. In short, stay within the EULA in your gameplay and you'll stay welcome here.
  4. Keep your promises.
    If you sign up for something at a given time. Meet up and be on time. Raid attendance remains a free choice, but when you commit yourself, other people becomes dependent on you.
In order to be granted access to these boards, and becoming part of The Pub, you must :

Register - Fill out the normal registration form using your IN GAME first name as Username. This is not optional, names must match 1:1. An eq2players lookup will be performed to validate. No match, no access!
Also make sure you provide a correct and working email address. Invalid email addresses will be rejected at registration.

Once you complete your registration, you will have to wait for an administrator to get online and validate your account. Once validated you will receive one or more emails letting you know you are in. Please post a ticket if you have problems with the registration process.

You can also view a short Video Tutorial on how to register an account here.

It is also strongly suggested, that you, once your account is validated, post a little tid bit about yourself in the Introductions forum. Tell us a little about your toon, your goals in the game and the playstyle you prefer, while not being a requirement, introducing yourself may improve your chances on getting to know people better and join popular events.

Welcome to The Pub
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